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Couples Coaching

You said YES...now what?

Wedding planning can bring out the best and unfortunately sometimes the worst in couples.  It is a time of high feelings and strong emotions and it is most important that the two of you stay on the same page throughout your entire engagement.


Here is where I would step in. I have created a program for couples which includes different assessments and discussion topics.  The goal of my program is to help you build a stronger and more healthy relationship prior to your marriage.


The difference between my program and other premarital counseling programs is that my sessions do not focus primarily on relationship issues. I like to focus on coaching couples so that they can have the best base of fundamental relationship skills to continue the success of their relationship, even after their BIG day!!!

Looking for date ideas?

 Therapy          vs.      Coaching 

-A client needs emotional healing


-Rooted in psychology


-Goals for self-understanding


-Focuses on past feelings


-Explores the roots of the problem


-Brings in the unconscious


-Resolves pain, let go of old patterns


-A Therapist is nurturing and listens






-The client is generally happy but has some concerns on how to improve areas of their life


-Rooted in personal growth 


-Goals to move to a higher level of functioning 


-Focuses on the "now" feelings


-Focuses on Solving problems to become better


-Focuses on conscious decisions


-Learn new skills to grow and make effective choices


-A Coach is directive, motivational and instills action

Assessment and discussion topics:

Communication within the relationship

Figuring out your finances 

Household roles & responsibilities 

How to handle


Concerns of moving in together

Overcoming Jealousy 

List provided by Riana Milne, MA, LPC, LCADC, Certified Relationship Coach

Roberta Black
Justice of the Peace & Certified Life Coach


650 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA 02170