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Proposal Planning





Down on one knee is one of the oldest romantic gestures still used around the world today.  So why do we drop to one knee when asking for a hand in marriage?  It has been said that the gesture is symbolic for the commitment of one's own life to another person, in the same instances as kneeling to pray religiously or in the old days kneeling to honor higher royalty.    


If only today it were as simple as dropping to one knee. Unfortunately,  times have changed and the event of a proposal is so much more than just a subtle knee drop. That's why I have decided to give people the opportunity to hire me as their professional proposal planner, making sure that your proposal goes off without a hitch!  


​Depending on if you are looking to be elaborate or just looking for a very simple proposal the most important part of asking for a hand in marriage is making it personal and making the moment special for both of you.


Many people are now even having secret photographers take photos of the proposal behind the scenes. With my services I am responsible for all vendor communication so you only have one point of contact, ME!

"Will You Marry Me?"

Check this video out!

Asking Empty Handed

The Top 5

Proposal Mistakes

Proposal Planning Packages include...


  • A one on one in person consultation

  • A list of Do's and Don'ts of a marriage proposal

  • Tips to help plan your proposal speech

  • A list of helpful local vendors

  • A customized proposal plan based on your relationship details

Jumping the


In Front of an Audience

Spilling The 

Not The Right Moment

Proposal Facts according to Brillant Event Planning


  • Fact 1: 75% of women are disappointed with their marriage proposal story.


  • Fact 2: Less than 10% of women say that they’d like to be proposed to at a public event.


  • Fact 3: More than 75% of women agree that the “surprise factor” is important in a marriage proposal.

  • Fact 4: The first thing everyone asks when you’re engaged – “How did he propose?”

Roberta Black
Justice of the Peace & Certified Life Coach


650 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA 02170